When you are starting an online business, your website is by far the most crucial element of your business. After all, it serves as a major touch point between you and your customers. For offering a quality online experience, you need to ensure that your cloud hosting service is up to par. Moreover, you must select a domain that best suits your business.

Importance of domain name

Domain name registration is the first step to building your website. A domain name registration makes sure that you can use a given domain for a given period of time. There are different types of domain names, ranging from top-level domains (TLD) to gTLD. What is gTLD name? it’s just a fancy word used to describe domains extensions like org, com, and info.

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4 Things That Could Go Wrong With Cloud Hosting

You might not think much of domain names. However, they can make or break your business. Let’s say you invest in premium domains. But, the names are not related to your businesses or services at all. In such a case, you will have difficulty in building your brand or your credibility. The more relevant your domain name is to your business, the higher the chance that the customers will remember and revisit your website.

You can search possible names on domain whois. It reflects your options with prices domains as well. This will allow you to decide whether a given name is worth the investment or not. Similarly, a domains name generator can come in handy as well.

Web Hosting Service: What to look for

There are various cloud hosting services. Canada is especially known for its free web hosting services. Canadian Cloud Web Hosting best companies deliver all the right feature. But, the question arises, what are the right features anyway?

Here are some of the things you should look for in premium and cheap web hosting provider alike:

  • The number of domains you can have. As your businesses increase, so will your websites. Does the USA web hosting provider allow you to have multiple domains on one account?
  • Amount of data allowed to be uploaded to the website. This refers to bandwidth. It should be as high as possible.
  • Technical support and customer service. Remember, you are their client. Are they available to answer your queries 24/7?
  • Is the web hosting platform easy to install and use?


Once you choose a quality web hosting provider and launch your website with a relevant domain name, you have made a step in the right direction.

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