Why gold?

The old age, why buy gold.


I was not going to buy gold, I was going to buy property.  I am still saving for that one.  That in itself is part of the issue.  To get property, the kind of property I would need would be an investment property something I could possibly use in my twilight years.  So I would minimum need $40,00o plus expenses.  I have owned many houses.  I know property like any other investment can be good and bad.  Try selling your house in a housing crash and see how you like it, thats what I did.  (It sucked actually)

There are many ways to get into investing in some way , I still need my business and I still need my car.  Plus my car I know is worth not alot.  It is true once you drive off the yard, half its value is gone.

I have somewhere to live.  A place to live is not my object (not yet) to getting a property at this stage of my life.  It is to have something for retirement.

This is what I wanted out of an investment.

  • Easy to do
  • Something I can do now.
  • I can start saving for it now
  • It will never depreciate
  • Gold Ticks all the boxes.
  • I can cash in anytime for real money.


Believe me you can loose money in Realestate and it is actually fun to do Gold.  It is actually doing ok.  I have something aside now for my families future, besides my cash savings.  To me it makes sense.  I still want a piece of land but I know that that will have to be a long term goal, right now gold I can do now and perhaps with its values I can buy a house later with my gold.


Here is why Gold Saving is crucial.  Here is my Friend Brian with his Review and it maybe of interest to you.


If you want more information please email me at LisaLomas2009 at gmail.com

I can send you something to watch and you can see how easy it is.  No hard sell, no pushy tactics, its just basic sense.


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