Recycling is not hard

I am what I thought was a okay recycler, I am though finding my standards are higher than many.

I get annoyed if someone puts plastic in the paper slot, or if a tin is not washed out.  I personally think recycling is not hard, it is an easy way to contribute to society and our community.  I like to think the paper gets recycled, the glass and tin does also.  What really peeves me off in no uncertain means is Rubbish carriers that actually put it all together and have a lapse, not giving a flying razoo what gets done to it.

I keep it simple at home, I have a recyling bin and a rubbish bin.  At my place of business, I have a paper wheely bin and a mixed glass, tin and plastic bin,  This is separate from normal rubbish.  It may not seem like much however to someone like myself even if I am slightly deluded I believe it has more chance of being recycled.

Are we not told that such and such a product was made with recycled paper.  We see that in stores and think we are doing good buying recycled paper and then recycling again.  Personally I go for paper bags if I get a choice.  I would go so far as to say  I would pay for that choice.

We all know we live in a throw away society, what is the harm of fixing something if we can?  I was told recently I needed a new fridge.  I said simply it only needs new seals, it does not need to be a new fridge, its a good size for my family still and it is working.  If it stopped working you would see another story with that, probably how I managed to find the most energy efficient one.  (jokes).  But that is why I am writing about it.  Why because their is one thing wrong with something do we throw it away?

Where I live, everyone has a recycling bin and rubbish bags.  Its simple yet I think its a good start.  I am going to share uses for recyling here on this blog as I think it is good to raise awareness on how it can really spread.

I have to give top marks to my mum this year.  We have had a drought, so mum in her wisdom looked online and made a self watering system with a plastic bottle.  I was so happy that this was done, what a cool idea.  So simple and it saves watering time, just things like this make my day now.  How about you?  What have you loved seeing innovative?


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