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This is my place to share what I am passionate about.  I have so many interests online, I either do it for others or myself and sometimes you need somewhere you can write about anything you are really wanting to write about this is mine.

I want to share my growth as a human being, stories I find amusing, investments I have made, life changes and things that have affected me strongly.  I am the sort of person that is no super star writer but I do like writing.  I enjoy it and it gives me a place.


Mostly what I want to share is my eco thoughts, frugal life skills that can help people getting on their feet or just tips I found useful along the way.  So if you like what you read subscribe if you feel hte same way, share that and tell me and if you think I am an utter idiot please tell me that too.

I am frank, honest and have my own perspective on life, thanks for joining my journey of life.

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